Chapter 1 - Help Ain't Coming

I was bringing pizza for Joe when those creeps started attacking me. Only reason i'm alive right now is Joe. He shot every singe fuck in the head. Man. Now i've been in his gunstore for four hours. Besides Joe, there's this boring gentleman called Robin. Only thing he's doing is calling the police, asking for help. I might be the only one in here realising that help ain't fucking coming. Joe is sitting and polishing his damn shotgun. Think it's a Spas-12. Looks like one of those from the games. Oh yea, and besides Robin and Joe, there's this cute girl called Patty. Man, i'd pay for a night with her.

"Okay, people. I just talked with the police. They said we should lock the doors and stay put. They'll be here in ten minutes." Robing suddenly says, and walks towards me and Joe. Patty is upstairs, probably crying or something. I dunno what girls are doing, y'know? "What? You can't call the police, man. They'll take us to a 'safe-zone' where everyone suddenly dies. You never seen movies?" I say and get up from my chair. "We're taking with the police. That's our best chance." Robin says. "Our best chance is to take as many guns we can carry and then get into the grocery store next to here." I look at Joe. "Am i right?" Joe looks passivly at me and says: "I guess." Robin sighs as Patty walks down the stairs. "What's the plan?" She asks. It is obvius that she has cried.

I look at Robin, who also looks at me. It fells like it's up to me. I got to decide.