You choose to wait for the police

As we're sitting, waiting for the police, i begin to talk to Patty. She seems to like me, but what do i know? After a few minutes, probably ten or fifteen, sirens can be heard. We all raise from our seats. A police officer knocks the door. Robin goes over to open the door.

"You called for help?" The officer says. "Thanks. Yea." Robin smiles and turns around to grab his stuff. "How does it look out there?" I ask as i grab a Magnum .357, with permission from Joe. "Not good. We're taking people to the dock. Leaving the mainland for a while." The officer takes a look around in the gun store. "Shall we?"

Sitting in the car, next to Patty and Robin. Joe on the front seat with the officer, named Billy. I don't like how quiet the city is, as we drive through. After driving a while, we see the dock overrun. No survivors. I said it, didn't i? But Robin just wouldn't listen. Crap. "Oh no." Billy, the officer, says. He turns around, ready to get away. "What do we do?"

Robin is done with making decisions. He's crap! Now i'm the one choosing.