You choose to go to the Grocery Store

I don't look back. I know some of those creeps are following us. We all have two guns and two pistols with us, each. I don't wanna admit it, but i'm pretty damn scared. I'm looking over my shoulder all the time.

Joe goes to the door to the Grocery Store. He knock a couple of times. "Yes?" A voice says. "Gus? It's me, Joe. Could ya open the door?" Joe says, looking nervously around. I've my gun raised, ready to fire. Two of those creeps, zombies, is approacing us. "I don't think it's a good idea." The voice says. "Open, Gus. Please." Joe says. The door klicks and opens. A fat bald man is inside. "Thank's, mister." I says and hurries into the store. As i get a better look at this fat man, Gus, i see that he's bitten. A large bite mark on his arm. "You're bitten, Gus?" Joe asks. Gus nods. "What do we do?" I says and looks at the bite mark. "You choose so well before," Robin says sarcastic, and looks at me. "Why don't you choose whether to let him live or not?" Everyone looks at me. Sirens can be heard outside. I don't know it, but i think the police just went into the gun store.

As everyone is looking at me, my mind is racing. What do i do? Man, i hate Robin. That asshole.