You choose to returnEdit

Billy is a nice guy. Really. Seems like everyone, but Robin, likes him. Billy agreed with me about returning, which caused Robin in getting mad. "So, you guys knew each other before this?" Billy asks. "Nope. Four complete strangers." I says, looking at Billy. "I knew Joe's son, though." Patty murmurs. Joe turns around and looks at Patty. "Really?" "Yea. We were together for a couple weeks before he broke up." Patty says, still murmuring. "He never told me anything. And now he never will." Joe says.

As we arrives to the Grocery i see the whole road filled with zombies. Man. I look at Robin, who's sitting next to me. Robin's, for some reason, smiling. "Seems like we gotta go get a boat." "I don't know, man." I says. "We can still get in there." "We should get the owner." Joe says. "Gus. He might still be alive." The car got quiet as the zombies started to get closer to the car. "Why didn't you say anything at the gun store?" Robin asks.

Again, i gotta choose whether to get Joe's friend or get back to the dock.