You choose to get a boat

The dock is quiet. I think all the zombies is on that freigther i can see. We're looking in the different boats to see if any of them has keys in it.

"Over here!" Robin says. I jump out of the boat that i'm currently in, and run towards Robin's boat. Patty and Joe is there already. "Nice. Y'know how to steer it?" I ask and look at Robin. "Sure." I jump off the boat to release the rope, keeping the old fishing boat in place. I release it and jump on the boat, to Robin, Patty and Joe. My new family. Man. I hope we all survive this shit. Specially me and Patty. I don't really care about Robin nor Joe, but Patty should survive this mess. Man. I sure hope she does.

You survived Chapter 1 with all four survivors alive.

You survived Chapter 1 with following losses and expandings

  • + Gus
  • - Gus