You choose to talk to the officer

"Hey man." I say. The officer looks at me with his gun raised. "Any infected?" The officer says. "Nope." I say, approacing the officer. "Stay away! I'll kill ya!" The officer cries out. "I just killed my co-workers. I don't wanna kill you too." BOOM! A loud shot is heard and the officer falls to the ground. I look behind me and see Patty standing with a gun aimed at the officer. Surprised i look at her. "Nice?" I say, nervously.

After this episode, we takes to the dock where we find a boat. We chose to get away. And we did so. Me, Robin, Joe and, of course, Patty. Patty. Man. I would like to do so much with her. Man.

You completed Chapter 1.

You completed Chapter 1 with following losses and expandings

  • + Gus
  • + Billy
  • - Gus
  • - Billy